Introduction Of XPM

Phou Moon Welfare Society Malaysia (XPM) is a registered Non Governmental Organization in 1992 as approved and recognized by the National Social Welfare Department and also a member of Selangor Social Welfare Council. Founded by Dato’ Tan Leong Hoo DPMP (Yang Berbahagia President Master Loong Sang) in 1987, Xim Phou Moon has genuinely dedicated itself to serve the poor regardless of nationality, race, culture or religion through various charity projects most notably the recently held “Love Malaysia, Recycle for Education and Charity” campaign. This campaign aims to provide welfare aid to people such as orphans, the disabled, senior citizens and underprivileged students. In its twenty years till now, Xim Phou Moon has made continual surveys and studies in welfare homes and hard-core poor villages both locally as well as abroad. Humanitarian aid would then be made possible, as the caring spirit could be spread effectively after determining necessities as needed by these less fortunate groups of people. XPM had been in to kind of selflessness welfare contribution life past 20 years. We been to many places in and out our country to speared the care and love to the needy community. There been lot of charity programs around the world we brought up to help the needy community. All the charity activities carried out by XPM is aimed at influencing others to have such will power as oneself by spreading love and care. One should not have a heart of differentiation or jealousy and should provide care and love so that more the unfortunate can benefit from the efforts of everyone.

The path will always be before us if we carry on moving, XPM has upheld this faith by protecting the environment and recycling, and donating all the income derived from such events. It also believes that its target is right in working hard for the benefit all human beings. It has not only carried out charitable work happily in this country alone, but also in foreign countries.

As charity knows no boundaries, XPM has carried out relief work in Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, South Africa, India, Nepal, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Laos and China. All these are done not for our own sake but XPM have brought about success step by step.

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