Loong Sang Jewellery & Crystal (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Established since 2005, Our Company carries on the business of importing and the retailing of crystal. Crystals are fast gaining popularity in Malaysia and we have imported a diversified range of crystals from Brazil, Vietnam, South Africa, and Sri Lanka…etc to meet the taste of our local crystal collectors.

As our industry is very competitive, our focus is to provide the best sales services, designs and workmanship. We provide professional advice to our valued customers. We always believe that our customers deserved “value for the money spend”.

Chackras are the linkage points between the physical body and the subtle biomagnetic envelope, or aura, that surrounds it. If your chackras are functioning well your whole being is in balance and harmony. If not, you experience physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual disturbance depending on the chackra. The vibration of the crystals interacts with your biomagnetic field to bring about healing in the chakras and at all levels. We provide “Colour Aura checking System” where you can check your 7 chackra and the status of your aura balance, by checking it you may choose the best crystal and wear it to balance your 7 chackra.

Our branches are at Econsave, Balakong & Carrefour, Sri Petaling.


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