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1947 : Born in Kuala Lipis, Pahang on 8th August. Been an orphan, just some blurred memories which tells a sad truth, move on with the ups and downs of normal life.


1954 : Studied in Khai Zhi Chinese Primary School in Kuala Selangor, Selangor from Standard 1 to Standard 4.

1958 : Continued studying in Chong Hwa Primary School, Setapak, Kuala Lumpur from Standard 5 to Standard 6.

1960 : Continued with secondary education in Confucius Independent Chinese School in Kuala Lumpur.

1964 : Completed secondary education with an ambition to be a air-force personnel, but failed to pass the exam and decided to enter Police Force.

1966 : Joined the Police Force.

1982 : Voluntarily resigned from Police Force after sixteen years in service.

1983 : Established own business in construction hardware industry, end the business after 2 years because of the economic crisis.

1985 : In charge of Big Hong Kong Health Centre. Realized the true meaning of humanitarian and the fact of life.

1987 : Traveled around the South East Asia countries to survey about the need and Welfare that the unfortunate community need at the same time planning the establishment of a welfare and charitable organization.

1990 : Ended business of Big Hong Kong Health Centre. Vowed to change his life style, habit allowed himself to return to his fresh, clean personality specially to help the needy community, he enriched his life with meditation to repent , enlighten and create a prefect , planned and secured future.

1991 : Began planning the setting up of Xim Phou Moon Welfare Society. Many surveys made around the Asian countries to know the needs of the poor people, informations of the surveys collected and analyzed for further actions.

1992 : Officially established “The Humanitarian Love and Welfare Aid Charity Home of Xim Phou Moon, Malaysia” by Malaysian Government on 1st April and began charity activities. This Organization also guide and assist its members to meditate, cultivate themselves, carry out charitable work and moralize themselves to achieve their duty to the very best.

1993 : The first fund raising campaign” Zen & Moral Uplifting Charity Nite” in aid of the Pure Life Society in Puchong on 28th August 1993. An amount of RM81,297.16 been donated for the whole year of 1993.

1994 : Became the member of Selangor Welfare Committee and carried out charity activities all over Malaysia and in Haddyai. Fund raising through Charity Dinner and Show donated to disables, orphanage organizations. Organized and lead a nationwide charity drive, invite and appoint Beijing’s traditional doctors to provide free medical consultation and herbal medicines. An amount of RM946,042.36 been donated for the whole year of 1994.

1995 : Extended charity activities from Malaysia and Thailand to China. Organized and lead XPM members for a Festival Month Charity Tour to donate daily necessities for needy communities in Thailand. Sponsored “Educational, Welfare & Culture Exchange Tour for the Orphans to Beijing” An amount of RM899,447.44 been donated for the whole year of 1995.

1996 : Organized 12 days “Moral Education, Charity & Cultural Exchange Programme between Malaysia & Thailand brought 163 students from selected orphans homes to various places in Thailand. Various type of donation through out the year to help the needy community, poor students and welfare organizations. An amount of RM1,338,357.75 been donated for the whole year of 1996.

: Invitation to be as Advisor of Chiangrai Public Welfare Voluntary Club in Thailand.

1997 : Building the school in Shenyang, China, the “Loong Sang Primary School Of Hope” and the Loong Sang Farm” by Xim Phou Moon. Organize charity dinner fund raise activity and donate welfare fund to needy. Other then that, carry out charitable activities in Malaysia, Thailand and China, it has also extended its activities to Sri Lanka and Myanmar. An amount of RM1,222,068.65 been donated for the whole year of 1997.

: Invitation to be , the Life time Principal of Tien Loon School, Beijing, the Life time Principal of Loong Sang Primary School of Hope Fu Xin, China, the Honorable Troupe Leader of Lioning Beitou Acrobatic Troupe of Disabled People, China and the Life time Principal of Shenyang Welfare Charity Organization, China.

: Invited and sponsored 225 orphan students from China, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand to have “Welfare, Education & Cultural Exchange” among the orphans in Malaysia.

1998 : Organized charity dinner, contests to fund raise and donate welfare fund to needy communities, schools, welfare organizations, government officials and poor students. An amount of RM278,618.88 been donated for the whole year of 1998.

1999 : The issuance of official meritorious award, appreciation to Xim Phou Moon by the President of Thailand for the overwhelming support and donations by XPM. An amount of RM283,998.92 been donated for the whole year of 1999.

2000 : The official establishment of the “Sound Of Caring” and “ Caring Day” by Xim Phou Moon. The declaration of “Caring Day” by His Royal Highness Sultan Of Perak, D.Y.M.M. Paduka Seri Sultan Azlan Muhibbuddin Shah, a grand event by invited and sponsored 400 delegations from Asian countries. Organized “Sound Of Caring” singing contest for fund raise and donated education fund and welfare fund.

: Join effort with the Royal Embassy of Cambodia to help the Flood victims and donate daily necessities, medical kits and welfare fund as humanitarian aid to them. Continued Charity activities in Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand and Cambodia. An amount of RM915,774.46 been donated for the whole year of 2000.

2001 : Organized and lead a “Cultural Exchange Trip” sponsored 90 Junior Journalists and 30 local orphans to Thailand, total of 1585 orphans been served with delicious food as well. An amount of RM625,204.11 been donated for the whole year of 2001.

2002 : Organized yearly charity dinners and shows to raise fund for needy community, donated to school, welfare organizations, Selangor Welfare Council and other authorities for their their education fund or welfare fund. Organized and lead Festival month charity tour to Sri Lanka to donate welfare fund. Extended charity activities at Laos, visited and donated the poor families. An amount of RM501,786.83 been donated for the whole year of 2002.

2003 : Xim Phou Moon decided to help not only the poor people but also the younger generation by provide them education fund. XPM’S first move was to UTAR where successfully set up a computer learning centre for the collage’s daily use.

: Honored by the Sultan Perak, during His Excellency’s 75th Bestowing ceremony with Darjah Dato’ Paduka Perak (DPMP).

: Festival Month charity tour to Sri Lanka, Nepal and India to contribute the needy community. An amount of RM781,770.59 been donated for the whole year of 2003.

: Formation and launching of Loong Sang Enterprise to manage and gather funds for XPM welfare activities.

2004 : Launching of Loong Sang School Of Hope in China, set up a Computer Centre for the students with a aim to brighten and sharpen up their knowledge in Computer Technologies and for daily use.

: XPM also donated the local authorities such as schools, Organizations and individuals for their education fund, building funds, welfare fund, daily needs and medicals expenses. An amount of RM430,432.81 been donated for the whole year of 2004.

: Formation of Loong Sang Jewellery (M) Sdn. Bhd, with a aim to gather more profit from the sales to contribute to XPM welfare fund.

2005 : Organized charity dinners and shows to raise fund for Tsunami victims. Organized and lead XPM member to South Africa during Festival month charity tour. Also organized a charity tour to Bangkok Wat Sa Keow, an orphanage home to donate welfare fund with XPM members and their childrens. An amount of RM540,483.64 been donated for the whole year of 2005.

2006 : Organized annual charity dinner and shows to raise fund and donate to welfare organizations, Festive month charity tour to Sri Lanka to donate daily necessities to native peoples in village. Charity tour to China, visited hardcore poor students and donated welfare fund and education fund. An amount of RM 692,337.61 been donated for the whole year of 2006.

2007 : Organized and lead XPM member to Hanoi for a charity tour, donated welfare fund. Another Festive month charity tour to China Turpan, Xin Jiang- Islamic rural poor village to donate education fund and welfare fund, also donated 8 cows and 18 goats for the poor families daily use. Sponsored and invited representatives from Asian countries to attend and receive welfare fund. An amount of RM617,440.00 been donated for the whole year of 2007.

Dato’ Tan Leong Hoo, with a great aim to bring Xim Phou Moon Welfare Society, Malaysia to the eye of the world, prove that XPM is always move on to help the needy community.

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