Kumpulan Loong Sang (M) Sdn. Bhd

Established since 1997, KUMPULAN LOONG SANG (M) SDN BHD carries on the business of supplying seafood products to restaurants and food outlets. This service now deals in Johor Bahru.

Aside from our normal business activities, we have taken the initiative to do community work for the Malaysian society. We are deeply concerned about our social issues, in particular poverty and environmental care.

“Love Malaysia, Recycle for Community Service”. This is one of the main fundraising projects of Kumpulan Loong Sang. Wearable clothing, old newspapers, books, magazines, paper, aluminum cans, bags, toys and shoes donated by the public were collected and sold to raise money for our welfare fund. In addition, we organized concerts and go all out for public donations. Charity Book Sales and Market Sales were also conducted.

Please call us for pick up services:   014-8338 999 / 016-699 2292

Old items to discard think of charity. Call us for pick up! We will collect all these items for charity purposes.

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